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Open Source administration

If a full-time administrator is unnecessary for your network, we can provide part-time administration of your system on a pro-rata basis. You know you're getting the best, and you don't have to take on or retrain any employees.

Administrative tasks

Our contract administration service includes routine upgrades of key software, filesystem cleaning, log file rotation, performance monitoring and any bespoke activities required by the client. We will be happy to advise you on the level of administration required for your particular systems.

Remote administration

Many systems can be fully managed remotely - yet another advantage of open source in general and GNU/Linux in particular. The availability of this option is restricted only by the type of internet connection at the remote site and the level of management involved. Such contracts are usually billed at an hourly rate, which is more economical than on-site administration.

On-site administration

For those without a suitable internet connection Openstrike can provide on-site management. Our technician will travel to your facility and perform the necessary administrative tasks there. This type of administration is available in half-day blocks and there is a surcharge for the travel costs.

Out of hours maintenance

Where necessary, Openstrike are available to perform out of hours operations for mission-critical systems which cannot be interrupted during the working day. This service is available at a premium rate, so please contact us in advance as we may be able to suggest an alternative approach.