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Open Source Consultancy

Discover how Openstrike can help to make your business more productive by using open source alternatives to your current proprietary software.

Ask the experts

Everyone can benefit from a little expert advice. None of us have the time to become world authorities in every aspect of our work, so why try to manage the integration of open source products into your IT environment by yourself? Pick up the phone and see what Openstrike can do for you today.


From simple internal office networks to international communications between corporate divisions, open source products can be used to increase reliability, security and efficiency. Call us to discuss

  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Bridging, Switching and Subnetting
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Bandwidth Management
  • High Availability
  • Load Balancing
  • DNS
  • Intrusion Detection


The majority of the web servers in the world are open source programs, including those powering some of the most popular web sites such as Google. Proprietary email servers are among the top targets of malicious hackers. Remove these dangers and discover the efficiencies of open source servers, running on your existing hardware. Openstrike can give expert advice on

  • Web servers
  • Email servers
  • SFTP, FTP and document libraries
  • Databases
  • Directory services
  • Instant messaging
  • VoIP telephony

Open Source on the Desktop

Are you less than happy with your current desktop system? Did it cost you a small fortune? Does it impose strict licensing conditions? Is there a free upgrade path? Does your system crash frequently? Does it fail to interact with other systems? Is it full of bugs? Do you need to add more RAM every time you install another package? Is it prone to viruses, worms and trojans?

Linux is more than ready for the desktop, as evidenced by the many blue chip companies who are cutting costs and improving user experience and productivity by replacing their stock, proprietary operating systems with Linux across the enterprise. Openstrike is one business which uses GNU/Linux exclusively on its PCs because we recognise that stability, security, efficiency, flexibility and ease of management are better than a talking paperclip.

Openstrike can provide advice and resources to assist in choosing a distribution, using thick or thin clients, distributed filesystems and grid computing, cloud integration, drop-in replacements for your existing user applications and much, much more.


In business, security is paramount. Your reputation lies in your ability to keep your customers private details secret. Millions of businesses across the globe are putting this reputation in jeopardy by relying on error-prone, insecure and unreliable systems to manage this data. Now is the time to act - before it's too late.

Respected studies have shown that the market-leading proprietary operating system is compromised in minutes, not days or weeks. Who would trust such a system with their valuable data? Not Openstrike and not one of our clients. We offer the security and reliability of a range of open source systems so that you can have peace of mind and your reputation can remain intact.