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Info pertaining to Nominet domains

Customer service

As detailed on the Openstrike Service Management System, we take customer service extremely seriously - it is what sets us apart from the low-value discounters in the field. If you are a customer and would like to contact us for any reason connected with Nominet domains, please use one of the methods listed on our About Openstrike page. Be sure to include your customer number. We will get back to you as soon as possible and always within three business days.

Key Terms

For your ease of comparison with other registrars here are our Key Terms as set out by Nominet:

Fees for registration/renewal 1 year - 12.50
2 years - 20.00
Expiration policy

You will be informed in advance of the expiry date that your domain will require renewing soon. If you do not respond or do not indicate to us your intentions the domain will be left to expire. It is possible to renew domains for a short while after expiry but you will not gain any extra registration time by doing so and will risk losing the domain entirely if you leave it too late.

Renewal process

Contact us in advance of the expiry date to renew your domain. You will be charged for each year of subsequent registration at the rate set out above.

Exit feesThere are none. We will never charge you exit fees for cancelling or transferring away your domain.

Note that most .uk domains are administered by Nominet UK and as such are subject to their terms and conditions.