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Premium Domains from Openstrike

When only the best will do, a premium domain is required to boost your online presence.

  • For sites aiming high with vast numbers, what could be bigger than a bazillion?
  • For underground, demonic or simple marketing sites.
  • Programming and design with the archetypal object-orientated language.
  • C60 is doubtless the most famous of all fullerenes. With the tremendous growth of nanotechnology, these building blocks are a keystone of future scientific developments. Also available:
  • The newest standard of super-gigabit cabling.
  • Online, print or handwritten: a journal is the perfect place to have your say on the issues that matter.
  • Go it alone with a domain geared to your own individual efforts.
  • Making the most of mealtimes and using top-end kitchenalia.
  • Everyone values honest, verified reviews.
  • Shiny, shiny!

All of these premium domains and many others are available in three ways.

  1. The domains may be purchased outright. After the purchase, the domains will be transferred to a new registrant and will no longer have anything to do with Openstrike.
  2. An annual lease of the domain may be arranged. During the lease period, the domain will remain registered to Openstrike and therefore there are certain restrictions on the use to which it may be put.
  3. A subdomain lease may be arranged in such cases where only a subdomain is required. The same restrictions as for a domain lease apply in this case also.

To view the availability or current pricing of any of these domains, simply visit the Domain Shop.

You may also register new domains of your choosing.

Please note that the .uk domains listed above are administered by Nominet UK and as such you will enter into a contract with them and be subject to their terms and conditions. Please read these before you decide to purchase or lease a .uk domain as you must agree to be bound by them.