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Open Source Programming

So, your open source package is great: reliable, secure, efficient, user-friendly and inexpensive. But you really wish it did XYZ. Just call Openstrike and we can provide a bespoke coding contract to make your open source software do precisely what you want.

Perl Scripting

We can create perl scripts and modules for you to do just about anything, because Perl can do just about anything. It is an ideal language for many systems tasks as well as being the primary language of choice for web services. Existing perl code can be modified if a change in functionality is required. Please call us for an estimate.

Other scripting (sed / awk / sh)

A core tenet of Openstrike's philosophy is using the correct tool for the job. Just because it is possible to solve a scripting problem in Perl, this does not mean that one necessarily should. If you require a solution in a different language, or if we feel a different approach would be more efficient or portable, there are many other scripting environments at our disposal.

C / C++ / Objective C programming

C is fast, powerful and stable. It may be precisely the language of choice for your needs. C++ and Objective C are the two main object-orientated extensions to C. All three languages are available on a very wide variety of platforms, including Linux, and many open source products are written in one of these languages.


With the vast amount of Fortran code in use within the academic, scientific and engineering communities (among others), there has never been a greater need for expertise to maintain, upgrade, enhance and convert such code. With our extensive experience in Fortran, including the most recent enhancements to the language (Fortran 2018), we can provide standard-conformant programs to your exact specifications.

Other open source languages

If you have requirements in other open source languages not explicitly mentioned here, please call us to discuss the options. Please note, however, that we do not provide coding solutions for Java or PHP because of the long-standing concerns regarding efficiency and security respectively.