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Special offer: Business Web Hosting

The first year of any Business Web Hosting packages is now half price.

Why now?

Openstrike has now been providing top-quality services to clients across the globe for 20 years. In recognition of this milestone we are delighted to announce a number of special offers to run throughout the year.

Business web hosting offer details

Openstrike provides our corporate clients with a Business Web Hosting package to deliver exceptional performance at an everyday price. The package includes:

  • A massive 1000 MB of storage space
  • Server-Side Includes (SSI) for dynamic pages
  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts
  • 50 MB of online database storage
  • Full access via FTPS to make changes 24/7
  • Detailed statistical analysis of site traffic
  • Leading UK-based internet connectivity for ultra-fast page loads
  • 5GB of monthly transfer included

Now, with our current special offer, it is even more affordable. Order a year or more of our Business Web Hosting package and receive the first year for half the usual price. This offer applies to both new and existing sites.

How to buy

Online customers can order and provision this service automatically via the Openstrike Service Management System. The discount will be applied automatically at checkout. If you do not have an account already, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to advise. Don't hang about, though - this offer is valid only until the end of March 2024.

Sample sites

Want to see for yourself how fast the hosting is? Have a look at some of these sites which run using the Business Web Hosting Package: