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This is Openstrike

Discover how Openstrike can help to make your business more productive by using open source alternatives to your current proprietary software.

Openstrike offer the following services:

Our expert team has many years' experience in open source products and you can directly benefit from this experience. Whether your immediate requirements are in networking, security, user applications, servers, databases or any combination, just call Openstrike to find out how our consultants can help you to lower your costs and increase your productivity.
Deployment & Hosting
We can oversee the entire deployment process, including providing the software, training your staff as administrators and end users, and after-sales support. Services can be hosted by us to ensure high levels of security and reliability at competitive rates.
Contract Administration
If a full-time administrator is unnecessary for your network, we can provide part-time administration of your system on a pro-rata basis. You know you're getting the best, and you don't have to take on or retrain any employees.
Contract Programming
So, your open source package is great: reliable, secure, efficient, user-friendly and inexpensive. But you really wish it did XYZ. Just call Openstrike and we can provide a bespoke coding contract to make your open source software do precisely what you want.
Everyone wants their systems to run faster and more efficiently. Before you spend a king's ransom on beefier hardware or a proprietary system that could lock you in for years, why not see if Openstrike can lend a hand? Whether you want to fine tune your Apache installation or you want your in house code to run that little bit faster, we will provide a free estimate and a range of alternative strategies.
Data Cleaning
Is your data set in a bad way? Is it disorganised, malformed, duplicated, out of date? A perfect data set does not have to be as elusive as nirvana. Why not ask Openstrike to help with wholesale changes to your data including validation and de-duplication?