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Professional Domain Management from Openstrike

We provide registration, transfer, DNS hosting and maintenance of your internet domains. We pride ourselves on having a thoroughly professional service where our clients come first. Among the benefits provided to our clients are:

  • Direct communication - by email, phone or post.
  • Consultancy - ask us any questions about your domains or our services and receive an answer which you can understand!
  • Flexibility - everyone's requirements are different, so we don't believe in just ticking a few boxes. Discuss your ideas with us and we'll help to make them into reality.
  • No release fees, ever.

By dealing with a quality British business, you can be assured of the highest standards of service. If you just want the cheapest possible rates, please consider some low-cost alternative, but if you require a professional service from beginning to end, call Openstrike today on 01722 770036 for all your domain needs.

Summary of Charges
Domain suffix   Annual fee
.co.ukFrom £10*
.org.ukFrom £10*
.me.ukFrom £10*
.ukFrom £10*

The annual fee covers registration, DNS hosting, consultancy and maintenance. We do not charge release fees.

You have taken time and effort to decide what your name will be on the web. Why entrust it to someone who doesn't care? To register a domain with us simply give us a call. A sample list of premium domains is also available with the full list in the Domain Shop.

* Note that the .uk domains listed above are administered by Nominet UK and as such you will enter into a contract with them and be subject to their terms and conditions. Please read these before you ask us to register a .uk domain as you must agree to be bound by them. These domains are registrable for durations of 1 to 10 years with a surcharge for 1-year durations.

Note that the gTLD domains listed above are administered by ICANN and as such you must be aware of and agree to be bound by their registrant rights and responsibilities. Please read these before you ask us to register a global domain.